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‘Edge of Chaos’(Complexity) Enhances Performance

Operational complexity enhanced performance in Malaysia Electrical and Electronics (E&E) Manufacturing industry. The finding surprised a group of researchers from USM and UTM initially. However, when looking through the lenses of complexity science, an organization behaved based on complex adaptive system (CAS). An organization (consists of people like you and me) when faced with CHANGE would somehow adapt through self-learning, organize, experiment and exploration. ‘Edge of chaos’ (complexity) occurs when there is a change or disruption to the normal routine in operation. According to the CAS, performance is optimum at the ‘edge of chaos’. But, as complexity increases in tandem with performance, it will reach a threshold and turn ugly like an inverse U shape graph.

Kaduk leaves come under USM’s research spotlight

THE leaves of kaduk have traditionally been used by the Kelantanese to treat hypertension.

When Kanban Meets Scrum…

A SIMPLE Kanban (Japanese for signboard) board saved the day for employees of an IT department at a multinational manufacturing company in Penang.

Breath-in medication for TB is viable

A RESEARCH group from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM, in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy and Centenary Institute from The University of Sydney have developed needle-like antibiotic micro-crystals for tuberculosis (TB) treatment.

Blocking harmful sunrays with ZnO

WITHOUT sunlight we are dead. Plants can’t grow and we don’t get the oxygen that we need from plant’s photosynthesis that produces oxygen. But sometimes we curse nature when there’s too much sunlight, in particular, the ultraviolet (UV) component of sunlight. UV radiation has been blamed for many skin problems including sunburn, skin aging and even skin cancer.