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Editor's Note
HELLO world! It’s my great pleasure to welcome readers to the inaugural issue of Simply Speaking—a dedicated blog fo...

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The Civic Scientist - Foreword by Dr Mahaletchumy, Editor of The Petri Dish
"A 'civic scientist' to me is a true scientist who uses his or her knowledge, accomplishments, and analytical skills t...

Up Close with Profesor Datuk Asma Ismail, FASc

"USM has always believed that the True North of the university is to be able to create knowledge; do not stop with that but move that knowledge to b...


Hello, how are you?

A simple yet important question to foster a culture of caring towards struggling parents of special needs children

Get up and about with ExerHunt

MOST Malaysians are married to a sedentary lifestyle, thanks to enormous desk jobs that bog down not only the young but also those in their golden years.

Tell them and they forget, Teach them and they rem...

They say two heads are better than one. We couldn’t agree more. Writing argumentative essay can be challenging for any individual writer.


#BalanceforBetter, because we ALL matter

This year Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) celebrates its 50th anniversary since its inception. This month of March, 8th March to be exact, women around the world, including in Malaysia and USM celebrate the International Women’s Day/ Month. The International Women’s Day has been celebrated worldwide since the year 1911.

Are we at war?
Moving towards smarter food packaging methods

THE manufacturing sector is moving towards the 4.0 Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). This will eventually cause an impact on the food supply chain, especially the packaging industry.




Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is the second oldest university in Malaysia and one of the leading universities in the country.